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The Ultimate Gift

No other gift packs as much excitement and acceleration as a red rush driving experience. With supercar circuits across the country, and the planet's most powerful performance cars to choose from; this really is the ultimate gift!

Restrictions:  Driver needs to hold a full Uk drivers licence,  Minimum Age: 17yrs,  Min/Max Height: 4'10" - 6'5",  Max Weight: 19 Stone, 

The Cars


Porsche is the largest manufacturer of race cars in the world, and they pack every ounce of racing knowledge into their street legal supercars which means there's no better car to take to the track in!
Having claimed over 28,000 victories in the world of competitive motorsport, Porsche know how to squeeze every last drop of speed out of their cars, and the beefed up 911 GT3 can reach speeds in excess of 190mph. There's more to Porsche than pure speed though, and getting behind the wheel of a 911 guarantees you one of the most unforgettable rides of your life!

  • 4.3 SEC
  • £80,000
  • 192 MPH


There’s nothing subtle about Lamborghinis, these beasts are loud, proud and ludicrously fast! If the Lambo’s distinctive roar doesn’t turn heads their legendary luminous colours will, and when it comes to tearing round the track these devilish dream cars don’t disappoint.

Over the years the Gallardo has been upgraded to pack an even bigger punch, and in the super tweaked Gallardo LP560-4 you’ll hit a top speed of 202 mph! The standard Gallardo’s not exactly slow though, and it’s even used by the Italian police to keep criminals off the streets of Rome.

  • 3.4 SEC
  • £165,000
  • 202 MPH


These Italian icons are fast, furious and full of flair, and you can’t be considered a true petrol head until you’ve blasted round the track in a flaming red Ferrari.

Ferrari’s motoring masterpieces aren’t exhibition pieces though they’re thoroughbred racers, and with years of Formula 1 success to call on Ferrari know how to squeeze every last drop of speed out of their supercars. Don’t just take our word for it though, why not take the Ferrari for a spin yourself and experience the rush of reaching a top speed of 202 mph!

  • 3.3 SEC
  • £180,000
  • 202 MPH

Aston Martin DB9

With a top speed of 195 mph, getting behind the wheel of an Aston Martin is guaranteed to leave you both shaken and stirred – and it’s easy to see why Britain’s most famous super spy has a soft spot for Astons.

Like Bond Aston Martins ooze class, and when you unleash them on the track they can be just as deadly too! They’ve been Bond’s vehicle of choice for over 50 years now, and with years of racing pedigree going into every Aston you’ll quickly find out why!

  • 4.3 SEC
  • £175k
  • 195 MPH

Audi R8

Adding both brains and brawn to the supercar scene Audi smashes the boring German stereotype in serious style, and their iconic R8 is quickly becoming one of the most popular supercars around. With a whopping V10 engine, and an eye-watering top speed of 197 mph it’s easy to see why though, and all of Audi’s proud racing history has gone into creating a supercar that can more than match the big boys when it comes to speed.

Boasting a mixture of cutting edge technology, style and speed the R8 is almost tailor-made for the track, so strap yourself in because you’re in for some serious fun!

  • 3.8 SEC
  • £115k
  • 197 MPH


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