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    • Itinerary for Leicester:
    • Welcome and Introduction to Rally Driving techniques
    • Drive Mitsubishi Evo on the tarmac stage
    • Drive Subaru WRX on the tarmac stage
    • Drive front wheel rally car on gravel stage
    • Driving certificate and assesement feedback.
    • Itinerary for Yorkshire
    • Welcome and introduction to rally driving techniques
    • Driving session in Peugeot on mixed gravel stage
    • 2nd session in Peugeot on mixed gravel stage
    • Driving session in Subaru on mixed gravel stage
    • Driving certificate and assessment feedback.
    • Allow 3 hours at the venue

Select an Experience

The Ultimate Gift

No other gift packs as much excitement and acceleration as a red rush driving experience. With supercar circuits across the country, and the planet's most powerful performance cars to choose from; this really is the ultimate gift!

Restrictions:  Minimum age 17,  Min/Max height4'10 to 6'5,  Max weight 20 stone, 

The Cars

Mitsubishi Evo

The mighty Mitsubishi Evo has been tearing up rally stages for over two decades, and it’s just as fast and fearless as ever! Boasting breathtaking speed across almost any terrain the Evo has more than earnt its awesome reputation, but there’s only one way to truly appreciate this beast and that’s by climbing into the driver’s seat.

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Subaru WRX

These legendary off-road racers have conquered some of the planet’s most challenging rally stages, and nothing comes close to the excitement of of taking a Subaru for a spin! With the ability to reach scorching speeds across almost any terrain Subarus are tailor-made for rallying – just hold on tight for those notorious power slides!


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